140 Years of history awaits you in the Edinburgh Bed & Breakfast at the Toner-Maley House

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If you’ve ever pictured yourself in a 19th century mansion… living like an elite Railroad Tycoon, Lumber Baron, or Shipping Magnate…

Here’s your chance!

Follow in the footsteps of one of the wealthy families who built the heartland of America.

Edinburgh Bed & Breakfast at the Toner-Malley House, built in 1870 by Jacob Toner and later owned by the wealthy Maley family, gives the feeling of a bygone era.

Not everyone in that 19th and early 20th century world could live the lavish lifestyle – any more than most people could today. You can be one of the fortunate few who get to spend several days and nights as did those wealthy families of the past.

When you turn off the street and catch your first glimpse of the stately brick home, patterned in red and white, you’ll feel you’re entering a different world. A forgotten world.

The gingerbread tucked beneath the eaves, encrusting the windows, and hovering over the porch, speak of another age. A gilded age. An age when men made fortunes from building empires and ladies held high tea and carried parasols.

You can imagine Dual Cowel Phaetons and sleek roadsters pulling up to the front of the house at dusk, bringing guests for lavish parties…being entertained by musicians of the era and dancing the night away. Perhaps to celebrate the annual Indianapolis 500 race where Henry “Hank” Maley’s “Maley Special” made its mark, screaming around the famed oval.

As you enter, you’ll note the arches over most of the doors crowned by the head of Athena, Greek goddess of war. Medallions and other fine details are cast into the plaster.

You notice the parquet floor with inlaid borders…the bookshelves and other fine woodwork. The Maley family was known far and wide for the quality of it’s hardwood lumber and only the best went into this home. The carpentry done by Jacob Toner and other fine craftsmen appears just as beautiful as it did 140 years ago.

While many of the original chandeliers and antiques have disappeared over the years, the current owner has brought back the ambiance with antiques of the same vintage. The house retains the greatness it was once known for.

This stately Victorian, located in Edinburgh’s Historic District, invites you to spend a few days…

  • Savor a scrumptious breakfast of coffee, juice, a berry compote served over lemon yogurt and an apricot stuffed French toast, or similar fare, prepared by the friendly staff and served in the elegant dining room.
  • Ascend the sweeping staircase with it’s huge Newel post, lit by the stained glass window which reigns over the landing
  • Meander through the grounds to explore the carriage house where the chauffeur once busily polished the Maley family’s Duesenberg automobiles and tuned their Indy race cars.
  • Relax in the rose garden, swept away by the essence of the Rose Campions (a favorite of Thomas Jefferson), and envisioning the lazy summers of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

You’ll enjoy the warm hospitality provided by Torin Scott, the current owner of Edinburgh Bed & Breakfast at the Toner-Maley House, and her staff.

After being greeted and shown your room, you can unpack and unwind.

Ms. Scott will give you a tour of the house and grounds, pointing out many of the architectural details and points of historical significance.

Every afternoon, snacks are served for you in the dining room. Snacks vary by the season and Ms. Scott loves to share recipes with the ladies.

For lunch and dinner there are many eateries in the neighborhood, offering varied fare for whatever your taste. Everything from fast food to fine dining.

In the evening you can read or snuggle in a comfortable chair by one of the many fireplaces in the house. Or…you can watch TV in your room, with service provided by the local cable company. If you choose to enjoy the night life in nearby Indianapolis, visitor information is available.

At the end of the day you’ll settle into the crisp clean sheets of your cozy bed for a restful sleep.

When you awaken, breakfast will be served to you in the dining room. Fare varies, just as with the afternoon snacks, but it’s always delicious and artfully presented.

If you have any special dietary needs, please arrange for them when you make your reservation and the staff will happily accommodate.

Come experience this historic mansion and stay for a few days.

You might suppose the cost of a few days in such luxury would be beyond the budget of the average citizen. What’s astounding is you can experience all of this for a very reasonable rate.

Call (812) 526-6995 now for current rates and availability and ask about our specials. Make your reservation today.

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